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Comic-Con 2012: 5 Cool Things From the Exhibit Hall

Comic-Con 2012: 5 Cool Things From the Exhibit Hall

Batmobiles, "Walking Dead" photos, Lego play tables and other fun things to see.

Promotion of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' Continues at Comic-Con

While most of the hot action at Comic-Con seems to take place in the big panels previewing upcoming movies and TV shows, the exhibit hall features more than its share of interesting stuff.

Here’s five of our favorite things spotted on the show floor.

1. Batmobiles, Batmobiles, Batmobiles

Six screen-used Batmobiles to be exact, parked in front of the Hilton Bayside Hotel (next door to the Convention Center). Every incarnation of the Caped Crusader’s car from Adam West‘s mod ’60s version to Christian Bale‘s badass Tumblr is represented. And you can get your picture taken posing in front of the Tumblr. Cool.

: Get your picture taken with Michonne

AMC’s has a neat display (including mannequins) of the scene from the season finale that revealed comic-favorite Michonne and her two pet walkers to the TV world. The thing that makes this tableau awesome? There’s only one walker. Lucky attendees can get their picture snapped as the second zombie, complete with a chain around your neck.

3. Lego Play Tables

At the Lego booth kids will find rows and rows of tables with buckets full of bricks in which they can build to their hearts content. The play tables are a Lego tradition that go back more than a decade. Comic-Con features a lot more watching than doing, so the young kids engrossed in building their models seemed happy for some hands on action. The one (understandable) drawback? You can’t take what you build with you. The pieces stay behind for the next kid.

4. DC Entertainment rules the floor

DC has the best thought out and most impressive booth on the floor. It offers a little something for everyone—actual comics, toys, ipads, nooks and kindles with digital comics, costumes and video games. The best part is the screen-used and costumes. Yea, they are in glass booths, but its still possible to get up really close to examine every detail, which, let’s be honest, is all the fun.

5. Take my picture, please

Comic-con is all about costumes and this year doesn’t disappoint. The people watching on the floor is at least as interesting as the exhibits themselves. This year seems to be all about diversity. There are people dressed up from this summer’s hits–Spider-Man, Captain America–but not a disproportionate number. Surprisingly, with debuting in a week, it was hard to spot a Batman costume.

Among our favorites were the Greek myth mash-up couple of a man dressed as a warrior from the (essentially a cape and thong) accompanied by , the elaborate homemade team, the quartet of teenage zombies and the Coors Light warrior–a guy who fashioned the entire costume for an ancient Greek soldier out of Coors Light boxes.


One response to “Comic-Con 2012: 5 Cool Things From the Exhibit Hall

  1. Ingvarsson July 14, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Must go there before i die. (Not dying, just saying.;) )

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