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‘Comics Unleashed’ Renewed on CBS Stations

Byron Allen

The daily half hour strip hosted by Byron Allen features comedians talking about their crafts and airs on after its syndicated runs.

Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen has been renewed for two more seasons, it was announced Thursday by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, which produces and distributes the show. The renewal would take the show through 2014, which would be its ninth year on the air.

A daily half hour show shot in high definition, Times">Comics Unleashed has been renewed in syndication on 14 CBS owned stations, including outlets in New York (WCBS), Los Angeles (KCBS) and Chicago (WBBM). It airs after Times">The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson in all three markets.

“We can never have enough comedy in this world,” said Allen, who is CEO of Entertainment Studios, which he founded about twenty years ago with the launch of the show The Entertainers, which is also still on the air.

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Among the comics that Allen has interviewed in recent episodes are Dan Cook, Jon Lovitz, Howie Manel, Wayne Brady, Tom Arnold, Chelsea Handler and Norm McDonald.

The series, which first went on the air in the 2006-2007 season, now reaches TV homes in 92 percent of the U.S. It also gets international exposure on cable and digital platforms, including Entertainment Studio’s

After its syndicated run, episodes also air on one of Entertainment Studios digital networks,

Comics Unleashed is also licensed to other groups including stations owned by LIN, Belo, Corridor, Young, Nexstar, Max Television, Lilly, Cox, Raycom, Sinclair, Meredith, Block, Morris, Schurz, Bonten, New Age, Barrington, Morgan Murphy Media, Entravision, Univision, Fireweed, Cordillera, and Glendive Broadcasting.


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