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Pat Boone Calls Obama a Marxist, Says He Was on White House ‘Enemies List’ (Video)

Pat Boone Calls Obama a Marxist, Says He Was on White House ‘Enemies List’ (Video)

The legendary singer calls the media oblivious and lobs accusations of radicalism at President Obama during a Fox Business interview.

Pat Boone 2009 - P 2013

It’s safe to assume that Pat Boone did not vote for President Barack Obama‘s reelection.

The legendary pop/gospel singer and avowed conservative appeared on Fox Business News on Wednesday night, joining Neil Cavuto to give his expert opinion on the deficit fight and sequestration. Instead of fiscal wonkery, though, Boone reached back into the last several years of Tea Party rhetoric to accuse Obama of being a socialist, bent on destroying economic progress through economic policies advocated by Saul Alinsky.

"He is following his playbook, which is Saul Alinsky’s ," Boone charged. "This is the guy that trained him to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive, who wrote the rules for doing what Mr. Obama is doing."

After Cavuto suggested that he differed with Boone on that accusation, the singer doubled down.

"He has a plan, he thinks it’s good for America — a virtually socialist nation in which nobody gets rich, government is in charge of everything," he said.

Cavuto suggested, jokingly, that Obama was individually targeting Boone, to which the singer responded that he was, indeed, on the president’s "enemies list" in 2009 — a document published by the tabloid .

Boone has long been a critic of Obama’s, suggesting in the past that he was a Kenyan Muslim, among other things.


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