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Tony Scott Estate Rejects CAA’s $1M Creditor Claim

Tony Scott Estate Rejects CAA’s $1M Creditor Claim

The agency says it is owed commissions from projects Scott completed before his suicide last year.

Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 After Party Tony Scott - P 2012

The estate of late filmmaker Tony Scott has rejected a claim for more than $1 million in unpaid commissions from several projects he worked on before jumping to his death last year.

In January, CAA filed a creditor claim on the estate. The agency said it was owed a 10 percent cut of his fees on several projects including $70,000 in commissions for , $450,000 for , $110,000 for and $400,000 for .

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Scott jumped to his death last year from a bridge in Los Angeles.

After CAA submitted a creditor claim, a Scott family representative told . "This is a standard legal procedure. The Scott estate has every intention to pay as soon as possible. Tony and CAA had a wonderful relationship."

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But according to City News Service, the Scott estate rejected the claim Friday with no reason given.

The denial might not in itself indicate a big dispute, and a source says it could be a prelude to a negotiation where the situation is resolved amicably. Scott family reps weren’t immediately responding. CAA has declined comment.


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