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SXSW: Vampire Weekend Previews New Track ‘Unbelievers’

Ezra Koenig SXSW - H - 2013

The single hints at a possible maturation in the band’s forthcoming new album, due May 6.

Though NY afropop-influenced indie rock band Vampire Weekend have ascended to headliner-status, their show at the Radio Stage in the convention center in Austin during SXSW felt perfunctory at best.

They can’t be blamed: with an ultra-short set time, in the middle of the day, in a room designed more for company presentations that bass slides, the odds were stacked against them to begin with.

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The sole new track played, “Unbelievers,” is buoyed by singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig uncharactaristically playing acoustic, which gives it a bit of unusual brevity and hints at a possible maturation throughout the new album.

Without more to go on, though, it’s just a hint. It will take more than that, perhaps on their large-venue summer tour, to fill up the appetites of their ardent fans.

The group is planning to release a third album this year, , due May 6.


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