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Hong Kong Filmart: Nicolas Cage’s ‘Left Behind’ Makes Asian Sales Debut

Nicolas Cage

"Outcast," also staring Cage and repped by Arclight, will be given its sales rollout at the Asian industry confab as well.

A Nicolas Cage-starring mainstream remake of the Christian film will be making its Asian market debut at Filmart.

Repped by Arclight, the new version – which also features Ashley Tisdale () and Chad Michael Murry () – stars Cage as a commercial airplane pilot who discovers his passengers vanishing into thin air one by one during a flight.

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is one of two religious-themed Arclight-fronted Cage-starrers making their bows at Filmart. The actor is also in the Chinese-Australian co-production , in which he plays a disgruntled crusader (alongside another played by Hayden Christensen) who wanders to East Asia and ends up defending a kingdom in China from a foreign invasion.

Both films are now in the pre-production stage. Marking the directorial debut of veteran stunt co-ordinator Nick Powell (, ), will be partly shot in Beijing and the rural hinterlands in Yunnan province, with producers still in the process of finalizing its Chinese cast.

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Meanwhile, Arclight’s Chinese-language film subsidiary, Easternlight, will bring to Filmart the Hong Kong-set . The film stars Jet Li, Wen Chang () and Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen () as detectives tracking a serial murderer.

Easternlight will also be shopping the second and third installments of Gordon Chan’s martial arts trilogy . The two new films will be shot in 3-D and will be completed by July, the company said.


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