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Talent Manager Sued for Providing Access to Film and TV Script Summaries

Talent Manager Sued for Providing Access to Film and TV Script Summaries

The plaintiff is a business that has been providing script "breakdowns" to agents for more than 30 years.

Suing over stolen ideas and scripts is common in Hollywood. In a new lawsuit, one company is attempting to protect summaries of scripts.

The plaintiff is a company called Breakdown Services Ltd., which according to a complaint filed on Friday in LA Superior Court, has been in operations for more than 30 years and works with talent agencies and management companies on a highly confidential basis. The plaintiff’s clients get daily script "breakdowns," and the product is described as containing "proprietary information of value."

The defendant in the lawsuit is Adam Seid, who is alleged to have signed up for this service. Seid is now charged with giving others access to the plaintiff’s website, which Breakdown Services characterizes as an attempt to set up a competing business.

Seid appears to be a talent manager in Hollywood. He couldn’t be reached for comment.

The company says that he has been giving actors, actresses and other individual an account number and password to access the Breakdown website.

To prevent the possibility that someone could use the service to describe what casting opportunities are out there in the entertainment industry, Breakdown Services is now going to court against Seid.

According to the lawsuit, Seid entered into a written agreement in October, 2009. For monthly payments, Seid would get access to the script summaries. He allegedly also agreed to not copy what he saw or use it to compete against the company.

That’s what he’s alleged to be doing now. Here’s the full lawsuit.

"Unless restrained by this Court," says the plaintiff, "Defendants will continue to improperly obtain Plaintiff’s breakdown as a result of which the public generally, and those members of the public in the entertainment industry in particular, will be misled and deceived into believing that they may obtain the identical breakdowns from defendants, and not through contractual relationships with Plaintiff, and/or that the identical breakdowns may be obtained for a lessor price, and/or that the identical breakdowns may be obtained without having to accept Plaintiff’s confidentiality agreement, all to the irreparable damage and injury of Plaintiff’s business and goodwill."

The company, represented by Steven Krakowsky, is asserting unfair business practices, tortious interference, breach of written contract and money owed. The plaintiff wants at least $1 million for each cause of action.

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