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Hong Kong Filmart: Belgium’s uMedia Takes Remake Rights to ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ (Exclusive)

A-List Flick: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

Media Asia’s original film was a hit in Hong Kong and China, where it grossed $16 million.

English-language remake rights to Media Asia’s 2011 urban romantic comedy have been optioned by Belgium’s uMedia, which is now developing the script.

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Directed by Johnnie To and written by Wai Ka-fai, who were at Filmart to promote their new collaboration , the original film was a hit in Hong Kong and China, where it grossed $16 million (nearly 100 million yuan).

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Media Asia is no stranger to foreign remakes of its films. The studio’s was famously remade by Martin Scorsese into his award-winning , and the company’s 2004 cop drama , also directed by To, has been remade in Russia. Moreover, the film’s Hindu remake rights have recently been optioned by an undisclosed Indian company.

"We tend to actively discuss with interested parties about selling the remake rights for projects in our catalog that we think are re-makeable, or that the subject has international crossover potential," said Ricky Tse, general manager of sales and acquisition, Media Asia. "Apart from the financial benefits of selling the rights, it helps to build our brand name and increase our international profile."


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