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James Franco Mashes Up ‘Spring Breakers’ and ‘Spider-Man’ to Warn Theatergoers (Video)

James Franco Mashes Up ‘Spring Breakers’ and ‘Spider-Man’ to Warn Theatergoers (Video)

The chameleon actor-artist-author offers up some of his best-known characters in a pitch to convince audiences not to use their cellphones during screenings.

ACTION IN FLORIDA: "Spring Breakers"

He’s missing the grills, but James Franco still means business.

The multi-hyphenate was in Austin for SXSW last week, where he pulled double duty in attending the U.S. premiere of his debauched movie, , and presenting his film . The latter event took place at the famed Alamo Drafthouse, where he spared some time to participate in one of the theater’s very public campaigns: ending cell phone use during screenings.

Film Review: ‘Spring Breakers’

Franco adopted the drawl of Alien, his rapper-deal-gangsta-visionary character in , to rattle off the virtues of the Drafthouse — "You got hot dogs! Hamburgers! Look at my shit!" — and demand that filmgoers put away their mobile devices.

And if that didn’t convince you, he dropped into a little nostalgia, too.


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