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Yoga Gone Wild: Lululemon Recalls Scores of Athletic Pants for Being Too Sheer

Yoga Gone Wild: Lululemon Recalls Scores of Athletic Pants for Being Too Sheer

The cult athletic brand — worn by Gisele and Reese Witherspoon — has recalled its popular workout pants because of sheerness problems fit for a peeping Tom.

Lulu Lemon Recall Reese Witherspoon - P 2013

If you happen to have purchased a pair of Lululemon yoga leggings this month, you may want to think twice before performing your next Half Moon pose. Unless your whole purpose for going to yoga in the first place is to, uh, score a date.

It seems that pairs of stretchy black signature pants produced by the popular Vancouver-based athletic apparel maker are being recalled due to what the company describes as "a level of sheerness… that falls short of our very high standards." 

The recall affects shipments of the nylon and Lycra pants that arrived in stores between March 1 and 16 — meaning that roughly 17% of Lululemon’s bottoms stock is affected by the problem, which the company says is due to issues at the Vietnam and Taiwain-based factories where they’re made. 

The brand has developed a cult-like following for their pants, which start at $72 for cropped, chafe-resistant Wunder Unders and top out at $118 for a baggier, breathable Studio style. Kelly Ripa, Gisele Bundchen and Reese Witherspoon are just a handful of devotees who have been snapped doing everything from shopping to brunching in Lululemon gear, which is somewhat of a Yuppie weekend warrior uniform on both practicing yogis and those who just want to look like they’ve worked out that day. 

According to WSJ, shares of Lululemon stock fell 3.8 percent on Monday and is down another 5.2 percent in after hours trading. 

Those who do in fact own pairs of the pants in question and would rather keep their downward dog in its cage can return the defective items for a full refund. More information on the crisis is available at a comprehensive FAQ posted on Lululemon’s website



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