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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Red Coat’s Identity Is Revealed

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Red Coat’s Identity Is Revealed

The ABC Family drama wraps up its third season with several key developments.

Pretty Little Liars Finale Still - H 2013

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from season three finale, "A dAngerous gAme."]

Pretty Little Liars wrapped up season three with a jam-packed finale.

There were resurrections, returns and shocking bombshells in the not-so-sleepy Rosewood, Penn. town, including the identity of Red Coat — aka the girl in charge — and the "A" team members.

Who is Red Coat?

She is (or could be) .. Alison.

The moment came following a dangerous fire that put Mona, Emily, Hanna and Aria in grave danger. But they found themselves being pulled out of the fiery house and into safety by a mysterious figure that turned out to be Alison, at least according to Hanna and Mona — the only ones who saw the blonde when they awoke.

The biggest reveals from Tuesday’s episode:

The "A" team revealed: The complete "A" team was revealed throughout the episode, and as of the end of the finale, the team members consist of — or once consisted of — Shawna, Melissa, Jenna, Mona and Toby, and to a lesser degree Spencer.

Toby isn’t dead after all! After Spencer came across the dead body in the woods a few episodes back, it was assumed that Toby was dead, but that would be too easy, now would it? When Toby gets called in to meet who he thinks is a member of the "A" team at a diner, it’s actually Spencer in a black hoodie. The anticipated moment between the two is tense and dramatic, with Toby assuring Spencer that him "teaming up" with Mona was all to "keep you safe. I need you to believe me," he urges. Then, in an unexpected development, the former lovers rekindle their romance — or so it seems. Are they OK now?

More to come …

Pretty Little Liars returns for season four June 11 on ABC Family.

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