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BBC Faces Easter Strike

BBC strike - H 2013

Union members vote for action over job cuts, claims of bullying and excessive workloads.

The BBC is facing an Easter blackout after journalists voted on Wednesday to stage a 12-hour strike on March 28, over job cuts, excessive workloads and claims of bullying, according to the Guardian.

The move follows a 24-hour strike on Feb 18 over compulsory redundancies.

Members of the BBC’s two biggest unions, Bectu and the NUJ, backed the strike.

The dispute is over the BBC’s cost-cutting program, which is part of its Delivering Quality First strategy. Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the NUJ, said the cuts were harming quality journalism at the corporation.

She suggested BBC executives were sitting on a time-bomb of harassment complaints that would be exposed by a review of the corporation’s harassment policies, the Guardian added.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "We have had constructive meetings with the unions in recent weeks and agree that it is important to monitor how our staff are affected by the savings we are making.

"However, our position on compulsory redundancies remains the same, we must progress with those given the significant savings we have to make and strike action simply will not change this.”


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