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Jude Law Quits ‘Jane Got A Gun’

Jude Law - H 2012

The actor walks after director Lynne Ramsay doesn’t turn up for her first day at work.


The drama on indie western has intensified, with the news that Jude Law has now exited the movie, reports .

Director Lynne Ramsay controversially didn’t turn up for her first day on the set of the film in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Producer Scott Steindorff was quick to lambast Ramsay, who had been key to the film’s development, for her non-appearance, calling her decision “insane.”

It then emerged that Gavin O’Connor, director of , had been drafted in to replace Ramsay.

Law left the production because, he’s signed on to work with Ramsay, and not with O’Connor, said Yahoo.

Joel Edgerton, who worked with O’Connor on , is still attached to the film, as is Natalie Portman, who is also a producer.

Law was brought in to replace Michael Fassbender, who also left the picture after reportedly clashing with Ramsay.


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