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‘American Idol’: Candice Glover Reveals Huge Gift From Her Hometown

‘American Idol’: Candice Glover Reveals Huge Gift From Her Hometown

Residents of season 12 finalist’s hometown raised money to send her parents to Hollywood.

Candice Glover American Idol Beatles night perf P

Wednesday night’s Beatles-themed performance night was an emotional one for American Idol season 12 finalist Candice Glover, who received a priceless gift from the community in her hometown: her parents.

The 23-year old Beaufort, S.C., native was overwhelmed that her friends and neighbors rallied to support the singer’s Idol journey by making sure her biggest fans were in the house.

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“My hometown actually raised money so my parents could afford to come out here,” she told The Hollywood Reporter’s Idol Worship. “They’re really generous when it comes to someone who’s from there. I really appreciate it.”

So how did having her family in the audience help Glover on Wednesday night?

“It definitely pushes me to do a better job to know that they’re there,” she said. “I’m daddy’s little girl. I’m the oldest, but I’m his girl to see him in the audience and my mom and my grandma and my cousin and all of them rooting for me with the big signs — even the people all over the stadium with the signs — it feels great, and it pushes me to do a better job."

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