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Ari, Rahm Emanuel Reminisce, Joke on ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams’ (Video)

Ari, Rahm Emanuel Reminisce, Joke on ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams’ (Video)

The news magazine united the siblings, along with bioethicist brother Ezekiel, for a Friday night segment.

Emanuel Brothers Rock Center - H - 2013

As Rock Center billed it: "An agent, a doctor and a politician walk into a bar" and have a lively chat with Brian Williams

On Friday evening, the NBC news magazine aired a segment uniting the three Emanuel brothers, Ari, Ezekiel, and Rahm, at a New York bar timed to the release of Ezekiel’s new book, Brothers Emanuel

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While the segment’s tone was light overall, the NBC anchor asked Ari to elaborate on his "scorched earth" reputation in Hollywood and his past regrets.

"I would have gotten into therapy a lot earlier and dealt with stuff," said the William Morris Endeavor co-CEO, adding: "But you know something? … I’m actually really comfortable and really happy, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time."

The trio also reminisced about childhood, talked about the early influence of their parents and joked about kitchen table debates. 

"I think one of the remarkable things that most people don’t fully get, there’s no one in the neighborhood who said, ‘Oh those Emanuel boys, they’re going to succeed,’" figures Ezekiel, the eldest of the trio, who is a bioethicist at The Hastings Center. "We were, if anything, late bloomers."

"Any person that ever came to dinner would leave exhausted," Rahm, the current Mayor of Chicago, recalled about the dinner table debates they engaged in. "We were energized."

Watch below:


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